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Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll
  • Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll
Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll

Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll

Designed with safety and sustainability in mind, this roll of wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping a variety of foods from chocolate and candy to cheese and meat. It can be printed with your branding and promotional points to achieve referrals and capture the attention of your customers to complete a purchase.
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Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll

Product Description

Our Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll is specifically designed for the food industry, providing an optimal packaging solution that keeps food products fresh, safe, and attractive. Crafted with safety and sustainability in mind, this wrapper roll is perfect for wrapping a variety of food items, from chocolates and candies to cheese and meats. The high-quality, food-safe foil ensures that your products are protected against contaminants, moisture, and oxygen, preserving taste and extending shelf life.

Key Features

  • Superior Food Safety: Manufactured under stringent standards to ensure food safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Outstanding Barrier Protection: Offers exceptional moisture, light, and oxygen barrier properties, maintaining product quality and freshness.

  • Customizable Dimensions: Available in various widths and thicknesses to suit different food packaging needs.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Provides recyclable and biodegradable material choices for environmentally conscious brands.


  • Material: High-quality aluminum foil or customizable eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Thickness: Tailored options starting from 10 microns, depending on the level of protection required.

  • Width: Customizable to fit specific packaging machines and product sizes.

  • Printability: Compatible with custom printing, allowing for branding and product information directly on the wrapper.


  • Enhanced Product Appeal: The high-quality foil enhances the visual appeal of food products, making them stand out on the shelf.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Protects against external factors that can degrade food quality, thereby extending shelf life.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of food products, offering flexible packaging solutions.

  • Sustainability: Meets the increasing demand for sustainable packaging options in the food industry.


Ideal for the packaging of chocolates, candies, dairy products, meats, and any other food items that require high-quality protective wrapping. This foil wrapper roll is a versatile choice for manufacturers, artisanal producers, and specialty food shops looking to combine safety, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility in their packaging.

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Q1: How does this foil ensure food safety?
A1: It's produced in a controlled environment, using materials that meet all food contact safety standards, preventing contamination and preserving food quality.

Q2: Can I customize the foil with my brand's logo and design?
A2: Yes, we offer custom printing services to help you promote your brand directly on the packaging.

Q3: What are the eco-friendly material options?
A3: We provide alternatives such as biodegradable and recyclable materials that maintain the same level of protection as traditional foil.

Q4: What is the lead time for orders?
A4: Lead times vary based on order specifics and customization details. Please contact us for an accurate timeline.

Q5: How do I determine the right thickness and width for my products?
A5: Our experts can assist you in selecting the optimal specifications based on your product's needs and packaging process.

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Ensure your food products are packaged with the highest standards of safety and quality with our Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll. For more information or to place an order, please contact us:

Let us help you enhance your product's appeal and longevity with our premium packaging solutions. Contact us today to get started!

Printing Methods For Packaging

Gravure printing

Gravure printing offers superior detail, deep color saturation and durability. It is ideal for packaging that requires high security features, intricate designs and rich textures.


Flexo printing

Flexographic printing offers versatility, high speed production and cost effectiveness. It is ideal for flexible packaging and labeling due to quick setup, suitability for a wide range of substrates and minimal waste.


Digital printing

Digital printing offers fast turnaround, no need to create printing plates and customizable designs. With minimal setup, precise color matching and on-demand personalization, it is ideal for flexible packaging, labels and color swatches.

Wide Range Of Applications

1. Food Packaging: Stand-up pouches with resealable zippers keep snacks fresh, provide visibility, and offer efficient storage for nuts, cereals, and dried fruits.


2. Pet Food: High-barrier pouches preserve freshness, block moisture and odors, and enable portion control for dry and wet pet food.


3. Personal Care: Tear-resistant wrappers for single-use beauty masks protect product integrity and provide branding opportunities through customizable graphics.


4. Medical Supplies: Sterilizable pouches shield medical devices from contamination, maintaining sterility while ensuring user-friendly access with easy-tear notches.


5. Tea Sachets: Individually wrapped tea bag sachets protect aroma and flavor from external moisture and odors, while enabling single servings with clear product information.


6. Household Chemicals: Leak-proof, child-resistant packaging safeguards laundry pods and cleaning solutions while providing clear dosing information.


7. Beverage Packaging: Flexible pouches for juice and smoothies minimize material waste and offer easy pouring spouts, reducing spills.


8. Alcohol Pads: Sterile, tear-resistant sachets securely contain single-use alcohol pads, ensuring sanitation for medical procedures and convenient on-the-go disinfection, while maintaining freshness and potency through airtight seals.


We Are In Favor Of Sustainable Development

At XLD, we passionately advocate for sustainable development. Our commitment to eco-friendly packaging extends to responsibly using plastic-containing materials, along with biodegradable and home composting options. For instance, our tea bag packaging uses thoughtfully sourced materials that balance convenience with environmental responsibility. We aim to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact while providing our customers with high-quality, efficient packaging solutions. We believe that, together, we can inspire a shift toward environmentally conscious packaging practices, creating a positive impact on both our industry and the generations to come.


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