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XLD is the most intelligent, most responsible manufacturer for 3-Side Seal Sachets. We offer various 3-Side Seal Sachets . We can supply your ideal products in the fastest terms.

MedPack Medicine Sachet Packaging
The Innovative Packaging of Medicines, designed to change the way medicines are packed, transported and dispensed. Designed for exclusive sachet packaging, our answer to this is a technological marvel that incorporates advanced design principles rooted in progressive understanding of the management of medication.
Sour Gummies Sachet
Transparent Pouch Small for Sour Gummies Sachet, a delightful packaging solution designed to showcase the vibrant colors and irresistible appeal of sour gummies while ensuring freshness and convenience. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our pouch redefines the standard for snack packaging, offering a perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal.
Protein Bar Sachet
Protein Bar Sachet, an innovative packaging solution designed to encase and preserve the integrity of protein bars. Whether you offer energizing workout bars or nutritious snack options, these sachets provide an appealing and practical way to present your product.
Lentil Soup Mix Sachet
Print Pouch Packaging, a comforting and nutritious packaging solution that offers an array of delightful and wholesome lentil soup mixes. Whether it's for a cozy evening at home or a nourishing meal on the go, these sachets bring quality and convenience right to your bowl.
Instant Noodles Sachet
Instant Noodles Sachet, a convenient and innovative packaging solution for those craving a quick and satisfying meal. Encased in a high-quality sachet, the instant noodles maintain their taste, texture, and freshness, ready to be enjoyed at any time.
Hot Chocolate Sachet
1kg Stand Up Pouches are a revolutionary packaging solution, especially designed to meet the dynamic needs of the food industry. Weighing in at 1kg, these pouches are a perfect blend of convenience and functionality, providing an innovative way to package a variety of products, with a special emphasis on their application for chocolate powder or other food powders.
Herbal Infusion Sachet
Herbal Infusion Sachet, a specially designed packaging solution crafted to contain and preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of various herbal infusions. Whether for calming chamomile or invigorating peppermint, these sachets offer convenience and quality in every cup.
Electrolyte Powder Sachet
Electrolyte Powder Sachet is a cutting-edge packaging solution intended for individual servings of electrolyte powder. Created with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active individuals in mind, these sachets make hydration and replenishment efficient and convenient.
Cupcake Mix Sachet
Cupcake Mix Sachet provides a unique and innovative packaging solution for baking enthusiasts and culinary professionals. The sachet contains pre-measured cupcake mix that guarantees delightful taste and perfect consistency every time.
Cat Treats Sachet
Cat Treats Sachet,Specially engineered to house various types of cat treats, these sachets ensure that the goodies stay fresh and appealing for your furry companions.
Breakfast Cereal Sachet
Breakfast Cereal Sachet, an ingenious packaging solution specifically fashioned to hold and conserve various breakfast cereals. From classic cornflakes to nutritious granola, these sachets offer an accessible and delightful way to start the day.

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Ideal for single-use products like condiments or samples, offering both convenience and portion control.