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XLD is the most intelligent, most responsible manufacturer for Aluminum Foil Films. We offer various Aluminum Foil Films . We can supply your ideal products in the fastest terms.

Flexible Food Safe Foil Wrapper Roll
Designed with safety and sustainability in mind, this roll of wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping a variety of foods from chocolate and candy to cheese and meat. It can be printed with your branding and promotional points to achieve referrals and capture the attention of your customers to complete a purchase.
WholesaleFlex Flexible Films
These films are suitable for a variety of applications including food packaging, medical supplies, and industrial products. It offers flexibility, durability and customizable properties to ensure product safety, improve shelf appeal and meet stringent standards across industries.
Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll
Our Oxygen Barrier Foil packaging rolls are the ultimate solution for extending the shelf life of your products, and protecting them from the harmful effects of oxygen exposure. This packaging material is designed for industries that require the highest level of product protection, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
PureGuard PET Tea Bag Material
Indulge in superior packaging with our PureGuard PET Tea Bag Material. Engineered for optimal freshness and brand representation, this high-grade material is your companion for a distinguished market presence. Customize to mirror your brand ethos, and choose recycled options for an eco-conscious choice.
FreshLock Tea Bag Wrapper Material
Preserve the essence and freshness of your tea with our FreshLock Tea Bag Wrapper Material. Tailored for both aesthetic appeal and superior protection, this wrapper material is your gateway to quality packaging. Customize to reflect your brand, and choose from eco-friendly options to match your sustainability goals.
Preserve Tea Bag Wrapper Film
Preserve the essence of your tea with our Preserve Tea Bag Wrapper Film. Engineered for optimal protection and freshness, this premium film is your choice for quality packaging. Available in various materials and customizable to reflect your brand's identity, it’s not just a wrapper, but a statement of excellence.

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Offers a shiny finish and barrier protection, commonly used for food packaging.