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XLD is the most intelligent, most responsible manufacturer for Biodegradable Eco Plastic. We offer various Biodegradable Eco Plastic . We can supply your ideal products in the fastest terms.

SwiftDry Disposable Towel Packaging
Discover convenience with our Biodegradable Plastic Bags For Packaging. Designed for hygiene and easy access, this packaging solution is your ally for a modern, streamlined presentation of disposable towels. Customize to mirror your brand ethos and explore eco-friendly material options for a sustainable choice.
EcoSafeguard ECO Plastic for Tea Bag
Sachet Tea Bags represent an elegant and convenient packaging solution for enjoying high-quality tea. These innovative tea bags combine the traditional charm of loose-leaf tea with the practicality of a single-serving sachet. The packaging is designed to enhance the overall tea-drinking experience.

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Environmentally friendly plastic alternative, made with renewable resources.