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Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll
  • Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll
Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll

Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll

Our Oxygen Barrier Foil packaging rolls are the ultimate solution for extending the shelf life of your products, and protecting them from the harmful effects of oxygen exposure. This packaging material is designed for industries that require the highest level of product protection, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
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Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll

Product Description

Our Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll is the ultimate solution for extending the shelf life of your products by protecting them against the detrimental effects of oxygen exposure. Engineered for industries that demand the highest level of protection for their products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, this packaging material ensures that your products retain their quality, freshness, and efficacy. With its superior oxygen barrier properties, this packaging roll is an essential choice for brands committed to delivering excellence.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Oxygen Barrier: Provides unmatched protection against oxygen, preserving product integrity and extending shelf life.

  • Highly Customizable: Available in various widths and thicknesses to meet the specific needs of your product.

  • Moisture and Light Protection: Offers additional defense against moisture and light, further ensuring the preservation of your products.

  • Sustainability: Options for recyclable materials, balancing protection with environmental responsibility.


  • Material: Multi-layer construction, also available with aluminum foil for maximum oxygen barrier.

  • Width & Thickness: Customizable to client specifications, accommodating a wide range of product sizes.

  • Printability: Suitable for high-quality printing, allowing for branding and product information directly on the packaging.

  • Compliance: Meets all relevant food safety and pharmaceutical packaging standards.


  • Product Longevity: Significantly extends the shelf life of sensitive products.

  • Brand Trust: Enhances consumer trust through the provision of high-quality, well-preserved products.

  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide array of products, from gourmet foods to high-tech components.

  • Environmental Consideration: Provides options for brands looking to minimize their environmental footprint without compromising product protection.


This packaging solution is particularly well-suited for products that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture, including specialty coffees, teas, nuts, pharmaceuticals, and electronic components. It is the preferred choice for businesses looking to ensure the highest level of product quality and longevity.

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Q1: How effective is the oxygen barrier in comparison to traditional packaging?
A1: Our Oxygen Barrier Foil Packaging Roll offers superior protection compared to traditional packaging, significantly reducing oxygen permeability and extending product shelf life.

Q2: Can the packaging rolls be used with automatic packaging machines?
A2: Yes, our packaging rolls are designed to be compatible with most automatic packaging machines, facilitating a seamless production process.

Q3: Are there sustainable options available for this type of packaging?
A3: Absolutely. We offer recyclable options for environmentally conscious brands, ensuring that product protection does not come at the expense of the planet.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the packaging rolls?
A4: We accommodate orders of various sizes to meet the needs of our clients. Please contact us for more details on MOQs.

Q5: How do I begin the process of customizing my order?
A5: Reach out to our team with your product requirements, and we'll work closely with you to customize your packaging solution to your exact specifications.

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