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Custom Tea Bag Printed Tags
  • Custom Tea Bag Printed Tags
Custom Tea Bag Printed Tags

Custom Tea Bag Printed Tags

Our custom tea bag tags are designed to meet the unique branding and informational needs of your tea products. Made from premium materials that are both durable and sustainable, our tags act as the finishing touch that turns an ordinary tea bag into a representation of your brand's commitment to quality.
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Custom Kraft Paper tea bag Tag



Discover a touch of organic elegance with our Custom Kraft Paper Tea Bag Tag. Specifically tailored for tea brands with a natural ethos, these tags blend functionality with a rustic, eco-friendly appeal. Crafted from high-quality kraft paper, they not only accentuate your brand's organic narrative but also offer a tactile, earthy connection to the end consumer.



Material Options: Our primary material is premium kraft paper, known for its durability and natural aesthetic, with options for varying thickness and textures to suit your brand's unique requirements.


Application Scenarios: Perfect for artisanal, organic, or specialty tea brands seeking a rustic yet refined touch to their packaging. These tags harmonize beautifully with a range of tea products, whether loose leaf or bagged, herbal, or traditional.


Customization: Personalize your tea bag tags with your brand logo, messaging, and design elements. Our printing options ensure vibrant, enduring images and text that resonate with your brand ethos.


Environmentally Friendly: The eco-conscious choice of kraft paper reflects your brand's commitment to sustainability, being biodegradable and derived from renewable resources.


Packaging Process: Engineered for seamless integration into both manual and automated packaging processes, ensuring an efficient tagging experience.


Use: These tags not only offer a convenient handle for tea enjoyment but also serve as a tactile brand reminder, enhancing the overall consumer experience.


Additional Benefits: The rustic elegance of kraft paper evokes a sense of authenticity and quality, distinguishing your brand in a bustling market.



1. What are the customization options available for the Custom Kraft Paper Tea Bag Tag?

We offer extensive customization including size, shape, design, and printing options to ensure your tea bag tags align perfectly with your brand's aesthetic and messaging.

2. How does the kraft paper material contribute to environmental sustainability?

Kraft paper is biodegradable and sourced from renewable resources, supporting your brand's eco-friendly initiatives.

3. Is the Custom Kraft Paper Tea Bag Tag suitable for automated packaging processes?

Yes, our kraft paper tea bag tags are designed for easy integration into both manual and automated packaging processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient tagging experience.

4. How does the tag enhance the consumer’s interaction with the tea product?

The tag provides a convenient handle for tea enjoyment and serves as a tactile, eco-conscious brand reminder, enriching the overall consumer interaction with your tea product.

5. Can I choose different thicknesses for the kraft paper?

Absolutely! We offer varying thickness options to cater to your specific branding and functional requirements.

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