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our premium Roll Film, the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs. Our Roll Film is designed to provide superior protection and preservation for a wide range of products, making it an ideal choice for food packaging. Engineered with the highest quality materials, our Roll Film ensures that your products stay fresh and safe from contaminants.

Our Roll Film excels in various applications, particularly in the food industry. Whether you are looking for a reliable packaging film roll, flexible packaging films, or Roll Film, our product meets all these requirements with outstanding performance. The film's excellent barrier properties prevent the ingress of moisture, oxygen, and other harmful elements, ensuring that the food retains its flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

For businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint, we offer biodegradable films for food packaging. These eco-friendly options provide the same level of protection as traditional films but with the added benefit of being compostable. By choosing our biodegradable films, you contribute to a more sustainable future while maintaining high standards of food safety and quality.

Our Roll Film is designed to cater to various packaging needs, from wrapping fresh produce to sealing ready-to-eat meals. It is highly flexible and can easily adapt to different shapes and sizes, providing a snug fit that enhances product presentation. The clarity of the film ensures that the contents are clearly visible, adding to the product's appeal on the shelves.

In addition to its superior protective qualities, our Roll Film is also incredibly easy to use. It unwinds smoothly and can be applied using standard packaging equipment, making it a convenient choice for high-speed production lines. The film's strength and durability minimize the risk of tears and punctures, ensuring that your products are securely packaged from the production floor to the consumer's hands.

Our Roll Films are designed with efficiency in mind. They offer excellent machinability and can be used in various automated packaging systems. This versatility helps streamline your packaging process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Roll Film is not just about protection; it’s also about enhancing the overall customer experience. Our Roll Film provides a clean, professional look that can be customized with printing options for branding and information purposes. This helps in creating a strong brand presence and conveying important product details to consumers.

Choose our Roll Film for a packaging solution that combines strength, flexibility, and sustainability. Whether you need flexible packaging films or Roll Film , our products are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality to provide the best packaging solutions for your business.

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Welcome to our Roll Film category, designed for versatile packaging solutions in industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and electronics.Trust us for reliable, high-performance packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs.

SweetShield Sugar Bag Packaging Paper
Introducing our Icing Sugar Bag – the perfect companion for elevating your baking creations to a new level of sweetness and finesse. Specially crafted for confectionery enthusiasts, our icing sugar bags are designed to deliver the finest, velvety texture that effortlessly transforms your desserts into culinary masterpieces.
HealWrap Bandage Wrapper Pack
Introducing our Classy Wrapping Paper, a sophisticated packaging solution designed to elevate the presentation of bandage healthcare products. Crafted with precision and a touch of elegance, this wrapping paper adds a distinguished aesthetic to the packaging of essential medical supplies.
Dialysis Paper Medical Mask Wrapper
Embrace superior sterility with our Boutique Wrapping Paper. Tailored for ethylene oxide sterilization, this packaging solution is your ally in delivering impeccably sterilized masks to the medical community. Customize to mirror your brand ethos, making a professional and ethical impression.
SoloSeal Single Pad Wrapper
Our Sanitary Pad Packaging Pouch Wrapper is meticulously designed to provide discreet and hygienic storage for individual sanitary pads. Crafted with high-quality materials, this pouch offers a sleek and compact solution for on-the-go convenience.
SwiftDry Disposable Towel Packaging
Discover convenience with our Biodegradable Plastic Bags For Packaging. Designed for hygiene and easy access, this packaging solution is your ally for a modern, streamlined presentation of disposable towels. Customize to mirror your brand ethos and explore eco-friendly material options for a sustainable choice.
BioWrap Biodegradable Soap Wrapper
Custom Soap Wrappers are very fashionable and environmentally friendly way of packing handmade and artisanal soaps. The objective of these sleeves is to protect the soap from external influences as well as add beauty on it. These wraps are made of decomposable materials for instance, refabricated paper or plant-derived plastics which conform with eco-friendly practices thereby reducing environmental contamination. They have the ability of being personalized with the brands’ marks, hues and graphics, hence making the final product to become something that can be easily distinguished by all customers.
GreenLeaf Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging
Embrace sustainability with our GreenLeaf Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging. Offering robust protection and a clean eco-conscious narrative, this packaging solution is your ally for a modern, responsible brand presentation. Tailor it to reflect your brand, making a positive impact with every package.
EcoCrafter Biodegradable Cutlery Packaging
Transition to green with our EcoCrafter Biodegradable Cutlery Packaging. Crafted for protection and environmental responsibility, this packaging solution is a reflection of your brand's eco-conscious ethos. Customize to align with your branding, and step into a sustainable future.
EcoSafeguard ECO Plastic for Tea Bag
Eco Plastic Teabag is an alternative to tea packaging that is eco-friendly, made from either biodegradable or compostable materials. The environmental impact of these types of teabags can be minimized through their natural breakdown and elimination of microplastic pollution. They have good moisture barrier properties thus preserving the quality and taste of the tea and are also sealed by heat to prevent leaks. These customized Eco Plastic Teabags will suit businesses that value sustainability thereby improving sales volume as well as overall product appeal. Eco Plastic Teabags have both form and functionality, making them perfect for high-end tea brands, specialty shops and supermarkets that prioritize environment conservation.
AlumiShield Aluminum Foil Film for Tea Bag
Embrace excellence with our AlumiShield Aluminum Foil Film for Tea Bag. Engineered for superior protection and brand elegance, this high-grade material is your gateway to distinguished packaging. Tailor it to reflect your brand, and explore our recycling information for a sustainable choice.
PureGuard PET Tea Bag Material
Indulge in superior packaging with our PureGuard PET Tea Bag Material. Engineered for optimal freshness and brand representation, this high-grade material is your companion for a distinguished market presence. Customize to mirror your brand ethos, and choose recycled options for an eco-conscious choice.
FreshLock Tea Bag Wrapper Material
Preserve the essence and freshness of your tea with our FreshLock Tea Bag Wrapper Material. Tailored for both aesthetic appeal and superior protection, this wrapper material is your gateway to quality packaging. Customize to reflect your brand, and choose from eco-friendly options to match your sustainability goals.

XLD, established in 2002 and based in China, is a leading manufacturer of bespoke flexible packaging. With a dedicated team of designers and engineers, XLD specializes in creating custom Roll Film solutions for various industries.

People also ask

What is Roll Film used for?

Roll Film is commonly used for packaging various products such as food items, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Its flexibility and protective properties make it ideal for wrapping and preserving goods during storage and transportation.

How is Roll Film made?

Roll Film is typically manufactured through a process called extrusion, where raw materials like polyethylene or polypropylene are melted and formed into thin sheets. These sheets are then cooled and rolled into large rolls, ready for further processing or packaging.

What are the benefits of using Roll Film?

Roll Film offers several benefits, including excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and contaminants. It provides flexibility in packaging design, is cost-effective, and can be customized for specific product needs, making it a versatile choice for various industries.

Is Roll Film recyclable?

While some types of Roll Film are recyclable, it depends on the specific materials used in its production. Certain films may be labeled as recyclable or have recycling codes to indicate their suitability for recycling. However, it's essential to check local recycling guidelines for proper disposal.

How long does Roll Film last?

The lifespan of Roll Film depends on factors such as storage conditions, exposure to environmental elements, and the type of material used. When stored correctly in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, Roll Film can maintain its integrity and protective qualities for an extended period.

Can Roll Film be used for food packaging?

Yes, Roll Film is commonly used for food packaging due to its excellent barrier properties and flexibility. It helps extend the shelf life of perishable items by protecting them from moisture, air, and contamination, ensuring food stays fresh and safe for consumption.

What are the different types of Roll Film available?

Roll Film comes in various types, including polyethylene (PE) film, polypropylene (PP) film, polyester (PET) film, and more. Each type offers different properties such as clarity, strength, and heat resistance, catering to specific packaging requirements.

How is Roll Film stored?

Roll Film should be stored in a clean, dry environment away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. It's essential to keep the rolls upright and properly supported to prevent deformation or damage to the film.

Can Roll Film be used with automated packaging equipment?

Yes, Roll Film is compatible with automated packaging equipment and can be easily integrated into production lines for efficient packaging processes. Its consistent quality and uniform thickness ensure smooth operation and reliable performance.

Is Roll Film suitable for vacuum packaging?

Yes, Roll Film is suitable for vacuum packaging applications, providing an airtight seal to preserve the freshness and quality of the packaged products. It helps extend the shelf life of perishable items and prevents oxidation, freezer burn, and spoilage.

What industries use Roll Film?

Roll Film is utilized in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and industrial products. Its versatility and protective properties make it a popular choice for packaging a wide range of goods.

Can Roll Film be printed on?

Yes, Roll Film can be printed on using various printing techniques such as flexography, gravure, and digital printing. This allows for branding, product information, and decorative designs to be applied directly onto the film, enhancing product visibility and appeal.

How is Roll Film disposed of?

Roll Film disposal methods vary depending on the type of material used. While some films may be recyclable, others may need to be disposed of in landfills or through specialized waste management processes. It's essential to follow local regulations for proper disposal.

What sizes are available for Roll Film?

Roll Film comes in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different packaging needs. Standard widths typically range from a few inches to several feet, while thicknesses vary based on the material and intended application.

Can Roll Film be customized for specific applications?

Yes, Roll Film can be customized to meet specific packaging requirements, including size, thickness, material composition, and printing options. This allows businesses to tailor their packaging solutions to fit their unique product needs and branding preferences.

Why Choose Us

Why choose us for your Roll Film needs? XLD stands out as a premier manufacturer of bespoke flexible packaging. With over two decades of experience, we have honed our expertise in delivering tailored solutions to diverse industries. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers collaborates closely with clients to develop customized Roll Film solutions that precisely meet their unique requirements. From concept to production, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Partner with XLD for reliable, high-quality Roll Film products backed by industry-leading expertise and service excellence.


Packaging Printing Techniques

Gravure Printing

Renowned for its intricate detail, deep color saturation, and lasting durability, gravure printing excels in security features, intricate designs, and textural richness, making it ideal for high-end packaging needs.

Flexographic Printing

Offering versatility, rapid production, and cost efficiency, flexographic printing is perfect for flexible packaging and labels. Its quick setup, suitability for various substrates, and minimal waste make it a top choice in the industry.

Digital Printing

With its rapid turnaround, elimination of printing plates, and customizable designs, digital printing is a go-to for flexible packaging, labels, and color swatches. Its minimal setup, precise color matching, and ability for on-demand personalization meet modern packaging demands effectively.

Versatile Applications

Food Packaging: 

Keep snacks fresh and visible with stand-up pouches featuring resealable zippers. Ideal for nuts, cereals, and dried fruits, ensuring efficient storage.

Pet Food Preservation: 

Preserve freshness and control portions with high-barrier pouches for both dry and wet pet food. Blocks moisture and odors effectively.

Personal Care Solutions: 

Protect single-use beauty masks with tear-resistant wrappers. Customizable graphics offer branding opportunities while ensuring product integrity.

Medical Supplies Security: 

Maintain sterility of medical devices with sterilizable pouches. Easy-tear notches ensure user-friendly access while shielding against contamination.


Tea Sachet Preservation: 

Individually wrapped tea bag sachets protect aroma and flavor from moisture and odors. Clear product information facilitates single servings.

Household Chemical Safety: 

Safeguard laundry pods and cleaning solutions with leak-proof, child-resistant packaging. Provides clear dosing information for user convenience.

Beverage Packaging Efficiency: 

Minimize material waste with flexible pouches for juice and smoothies. Features easy pouring spouts to reduce spills during use.

Alcohol Pad Sanitation: 

Secure single-use alcohol pads in sterile, tear-resistant sachets. Ensures sanitation for medical procedures and on-the-go disinfection with airtight seals.


We Are In Favor Of Sustainable Development

At XLD, we passionately advocate for sustainable development. Our commitment to eco-friendly packaging extends to responsibly using plastic-containing materials, along with biodegradable and home composting options. For instance, our tea bag packaging uses thoughtfully sourced materials that balance convenience with environmental responsibility. We aim to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact while providing our customers with high-quality, efficient packaging solutions. We believe that, together, we can inspire a shift toward environmentally conscious packaging practices, creating a positive impact on both our industry and the generations to come.


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