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AromaFlow Coffee Beans Valve Pouches
  • AromaFlow Coffee Beans Valve Pouches
AromaFlow Coffee Beans Valve Pouches

AromaFlow Coffee Beans Valve Pouches

We have made a Coffee Pouch With Valve to store and maintain the taste of superior coffee beans. These beautiful black bags are designed for Valve Pouches for Coffee Beans and they offer a smart package option that meets the needs of coffee connoisseurs.
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We have made a Coffee Pouch With Valve to store and maintain the taste of superior coffee beans. These beautiful black bags are designed for Valve pouches for Coffee Beans and they offer a smart package option that meets the needs of coffee connoisseurs.

Our pouches contain a one-way degassing valve, which helps in releasing carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from entering the bag. The new valve is created to keep the taste and smell of coffee beans by maintaining their freshness thereby making them last longer.

In addition to giving our pouches an elegant touch, black also shields these containers against exposure to light, which can affect the quality of coffee beans. This means the flavor and aroma of your favorite drink will not be lost during this brewing process thereby taking care of our customers.

For easy opening and closing our pouches come with a ziplock closure so that after each time you use it you can seal the container back to ensure that those fresh beans always remain fresh. For any person who wants buy or sell or even consume, then we have great option – Coffee Pouch with Valve where premium quality coffee stays at its peak form in terms of freshness.


Coffee Pouch With Valve Features:

Freshness Preservation: 

On the grounds that they let out carbon dioxide and hinder oxygen from entering, our Coffee Bags with Valve, due to one-way degassing valve keeps coffee beans aromatic and flavorful for long periods.

Extended Shelf Life: 

The shelf life of coffees is extended through the use of valves that minimize oxidation and thus preserve quality and freshness even after opening.

Light Protection: 

Our Stand Up Pouches with Degassing Valve are black in color so as to prevent any exposure to light which would make the coffee beans to spoil. This ensures that the flavor of the coffee remains rich while its aroma is still intact thereby guaranteeing a better cup of coffee.


The presence of a resealable zipper closure on our Coffee Stand Up Pouch Bags with Valve allows for an easy opening upon first usage, as well as securing it afterwards. By doing so, this enhances usability hence ensuring that every brew made uses fresh coffee beans.


Coffee Pouches with Valve can be used by either retailers or roasters for different types of coffee such as whole or ground beans.

Aesthetic Appeal: 

Their black color design makes them attractive on grocery shelves or in personal households due to their sleekness.


We produce pouches structured from high standard materials which are strong and eco-friendly promoting green packaging practices and lessening adverse environmental effects.

Where we can use Coffee Pouch With Valve:

Hospitality Industry: 

Our bags are used by hotels, restaurants and cafes to package and serve premium beans ensuring consistent and high quality hospitality experience.

Coffee Retailers: 

For house brewing of finest quality coffee, the stores where it is sold such as coffee shops, specialty shops or even supermarkets keep our pouches.

Online Coffee Sellers: 

E-commerce platforms and online bean vendors utilize our bags to transport beans to customers thereby being a reliable packaging solution for them.



coffee bean pouch

Coffee Pouch With Valve FAQs:

Can I order custom sizes or quantities of Coffee Pouches With Valve?

Yes, we offer customization options for sizes and quantities to meet your specific packaging needs. Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

How does the valve feature work to preserve the freshness of the coffee beans?

The one-way degassing valve allows carbon dioxide to escape from the pouch while preventing oxygen from entering, ensuring that the coffee beans remain fresh and flavorful for longer periods.

Are the Coffee Pouches With Valve suitable for storing ground coffee as well as whole beans?

Absolutely, our pouches are suitable for both ground coffee and whole beans, providing effective freshness preservation for various coffee formats.

Can I use these pouches for packaging flavored or infused coffee beans?

Yes, our Coffee Pouches With Valve are suitable for packaging flavored or infused coffee beans, maintaining the integrity of the flavors and aromas over time.

Are the black-colored pouches available in other sizes or styles?

Our black-colored pouches are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your specific packaging preferences. Contact our team to explore available options.

Do the Coffee Pouches With Valve come with resealable closures?

Yes, our pouches are equipped with resealable zipper closures, allowing for convenient opening and secure sealing after each use to maintain freshness.

Are the materials used in the Coffee Pouches With Valve recyclable or biodegradable?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly material options for our pouches, including recyclable and biodegradable materials, to support sustainable packaging practices. Contact us for more information on available options.

Printing Methods For Packaging

Gravure printing

Gravure printing offers superior detail, deep color saturation and durability. It is ideal for packaging that requires high security features, intricate designs and rich textures.


Flexo printing

Flexographic printing offers versatility, high speed production and cost effectiveness. It is ideal for flexible packaging and labeling due to quick setup, suitability for a wide range of substrates and minimal waste.


Digital printing

Digital printing offers fast turnaround, no need to create printing plates and customizable designs. With minimal setup, precise color matching and on-demand personalization, it is ideal for flexible packaging, labels and color swatches.

Wide Range Of Applications

1. Food Packaging: Stand-up pouches with resealable zippers keep snacks fresh, provide visibility, and offer efficient storage for nuts, cereals, and dried fruits.


2. Pet Food: High-barrier pouches preserve freshness, block moisture and odors, and enable portion control for dry and wet pet food.


3. Personal Care: Tear-resistant wrappers for single-use beauty masks protect product integrity and provide branding opportunities through customizable graphics.


4. Medical Supplies: Sterilizable pouches shield medical devices from contamination, maintaining sterility while ensuring user-friendly access with easy-tear notches.


5. Tea Sachets: Individually wrapped tea bag sachets protect aroma and flavor from external moisture and odors, while enabling single servings with clear product information.


6. Household Chemicals: Leak-proof, child-resistant packaging safeguards laundry pods and cleaning solutions while providing clear dosing information.


7. Beverage Packaging: Flexible pouches for juice and smoothies minimize material waste and offer easy pouring spouts, reducing spills.


8. Alcohol Pads: Sterile, tear-resistant sachets securely contain single-use alcohol pads, ensuring sanitation for medical procedures and convenient on-the-go disinfection, while maintaining freshness and potency through airtight seals.


We Are In Favor Of Sustainable Development

At XLD, we passionately advocate for sustainable development. Our commitment to eco-friendly packaging extends to responsibly using plastic-containing materials, along with biodegradable and home composting options. For instance, our tea bag packaging uses thoughtfully sourced materials that balance convenience with environmental responsibility. We aim to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact while providing our customers with high-quality, efficient packaging solutions. We believe that, together, we can inspire a shift toward environmentally conscious packaging practices, creating a positive impact on both our industry and the generations to come.


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